1. Q:Is the battery waterproof?   AThe battery case is waterproof, but it is not recommended to be exposed to the rain,because it may cause the screw to rust off.

2. Q:Battery can not be charged?  A:check  if the charger's cable is connected properly →check charge fuse→contact us

3.Q:Battery in winter can’t running enough distance?  A: This is a normal phenomenon. If the temperature is too low, the battery will not be completely discharged. The battery will discharge 100% at the standard operating temperature of 25 

4. Q: Can i cancel my order and the process to return package back ? A: Please contact us to cancel it within 12 hours after payment to stop shipping out, If we fail to stop the shipment in time, please contact us for return package after you receive it. Please ensure that the battery is not used and does not affect secondary sales. Attention: 1.Write your name on the paper and put it into the package so that we can verify it and send you refund as soon as we receive it.  2.Please be sure to contact us first to get  the correct return address.

5. Q: Battery can’t work?  A: Check if the battery power switch turn on, check battery’s discharge fuse good or not, charge the battery to full then use again.

6. Q: Battery indicator light is not bright?  A: check the battery power switch turn on or not, maybe battery’s indicator light is broken but battery is ok.  still can't find the problem please contact us.

7. Q:Steps to choose a new battery that can replace my old one? A: Tell us your old battery’s voltage+take old battery’s front and back photos, we can suggest you the suitable battery.     Attention: make sure new battery has the same voltage as the old one.

8. Q: Steps to convert my bicycle to an e- bike?  A: Measuring your bike's wheel diameter(e.g. 28”)→find out those match your wheel diameter kits in my shop→according to your own preferences and bike style to choose the location for motor(front/mid/rear) and battery(down tube/rear/sea tube) prepare to install→choose a battery which have the same voltage with motor(e.g. 36V 10ah battery must match 36V 250W motor)→choose the motor power you need(e.g.36V250W)→ order those matched battery and kit to us or contact us to make sure again!                                                                                                                                                


1.there are cassette and freewheel types of rear motor.
2.all motor kits now only suitable for disc/ V brake bike, not fit for hollow tech 2 & hydraulic brake.