Hub Motor 36V350W 27.5
Hub Motor 36V350W 27.5
Hub Motor 36V350W 27.5
Hub Motor 36V350W 27.5
Hub Motor 36V350W 27.5
Hub Motor 36V350W 27.5
Hub Motor 36V350W 27.5
Hub Motor 36V350W 27.5

Hub Motor 36V350W 27.5" Rear Motor with Cassette Bicycle E-Bike Hub Conversion Kit Silver DIY E-bike LCD Display

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*18 months for battery, 12 months for kits warranty.

*8 years professional sales team will provide the most efficient service.

*Contact us to start enjoy DIY your bike to be a high quality low price electric bike!

Item specifics

Model EBK-36350R-275K
Color silver
Install Position rear wheel
Brake disc/V

1.Technical Data:


2.Packing list       

refer to above technical data      

3. Battery recommendation:

·Battery(Li, lead-acid, NiMH battery etc.) 's  nominal voltage 36V is compatible with this motor.

·If you have any question, please contact us to find a matched battery.                    


4.Warm tips

*Not fit for "HOLLOWTECH II" and hydraulic brake.

*Due to long installation instructions for kits, in order to save resources, we do not have the printed version packing in. After you purchase we will send detailed electronic version installation instructions at once, thank you for your contribution to saving resources!

*Please read the installation instructions carefully before you start, this instruction will help you to install the product effectively.

*If you want to return the product, please return the complete product as soon as possible and ensure the product has not been used and don’t affecting secondary sales.                                            

*IMPORTANT NOTE:Please set the maximum driving speed of the e-bike according to the local traffic laws to prevent the safety risks caused by excessive speed!


5.Important notice for recycling of used batteries& motor kits

*As a professional seller, we strictly abide by local laws and regulations to ensure product's quality, transportation and storage safety, environmental protection.                 

*According to electronic consumer goods recycling regulations, batteries and motor kits  must not be disposed of with household ordinary waste.

*Consumers are obliged to dispose of the used electronic goods to the professional recycling agency in local for proper disposal. They must not be arbitrarily throw into the trash. Please protect the environment! 



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